Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is

Please review the list of frequently asked questions below prior to contacting us. We want users of to have the best experience possible. We apologize for any inconveniences.

I’m having problems with my account:

If you forgot your password we can send you a new temporary password using the e-mail address on file. Any other problems with your account please e-mail us at or fill out the Contact Us form.


I want to suggest a new video/there’s a video I’m looking for but I don’t see it:

We would love to hear from you! Use the Contact Us form to send us your ideas and suggestions.

We use video comments and “like” activity as feedback to help us make decisions about what users want to see. We regularly add new videos to the site and want to make sure the content is applicable and useful. Be the first to hear about new videos by becoming a member and receive our e-newsletter updates. Become a Member Now >


I'm unable to play videos from my iPhone:

iPhone iOS version 9.3 introduced a known issue that prevents certain hosted videos to be played. This issue affects all browsers on iOS including Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. The issue has been fixed with the iPhone iOS 9.3.2 release, made available by Apple on May 16, 2016. We suggest upgrading your iPhone iOS to 9.3.2 to remedy the issue.


What are the best video viewing settings?

SitecoreUser training videos are best viewed using the full screen setting within the video player and by selecting the highest HD quality compatible with your device. Videos specific to Sitecore version 8 were recorded using a 16:9 aspect ratio and are compatible with a 720p HD setting.


Why are some video titles grayed out? /  Why do I see a lock icon for some videos? / Why can't I play some videos?

Videos marked with a lock icon and gray titles are either member or subscriber only content and your access level is too low to view them. You can still access the video detail page to learn more about the video by clicking the gray video title but you will be unable to watch the video without upgrading your account.

To have access to membership only videos and informative downloadable content register for a free account. To have an all-access pass to all video and downloadable content, sign up for low-cost monthly subscription. Over half the training videos are based on Sitecore version 8 and are ONLY available to subscribers! Download the full Sitecore v8 training video curriculum available ONLY to paid subscribers. Or learn more about the benefits of registration and subscription.


How do I change my preferred payment type for future payments if I've subscribed using my Amazon account?

When you first signed up for a Monthly Paid Subscription to using your account, you were automatically registered by Amazon with their Amazon Payments service. Now when you log onto your account, you can also access your Amazon Payments settings.

To manage your Amazon Payments subscription, go to, log in to your Amazon Payments Account, and then click the Your Subscriptions link. The Subscriptions page displays your subscriptions, showing the most recent, active subscription at the top. To view the details of a specific subscription, click Details.

You can change the payment method that is associated with a subscription by clicking the Edit button next to a payment method. On the page that opens, you can select a new payment method and then confirm the change.


How do I cancel my paid subscription?

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, preferably from your Account Profile page (you must be logged in to access this page). Uncheck the "Paid Subscription" checkbox to cancel your subscription. Your subscription to will be cancelled after your final payment period has expired.

You can also cancel your subscription to via your Amazon Payments account. When monthly subscription renewals are processed with Amazon Payments, if a user's subscription has expired (due to a cancelled billing agreement, expired card, etc.), will automatically deactivate their subscription.


Who is Aware Web Solutions?

Aware Web Solutions is a Sitecore Gold Implementation Partner and the producer and manager of To learn more about Aware visit our website.