DMS User Persona Strategy

Trainer: Rob McChane

Video ID:  300-0101-01

In This Training Video:  With Sitecore’s Digital Marketing System (or DMS), you can develop personas to segment web users into different groups based on shared characteristics. Once the Personas are assigned to pages on your site, users whose behavior patterns match that profile will be assigned to a group with other similar users. As users are categorized into specific personas, you will gain a better understanding for their interests and activity on your site as a group. Like other elements of DMS, successful development and implementation of personas in Sitecore requires a strategic approach. While many organizations have an idea of their customer personas from a marketing standpoint, these personas often won’t meet all of the needs for the web. We’ll walk through how to develop a Persona strategy that accurately measures a user’s engagement and provides actionable data to the organization to aid in continuous improvement of the site.

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