Sitecore Hosting Calculator

There are many considerations when planning a Sitecore hosting architecture. The calculator will help you estimate your Sitecore server needs so you can create an effective and scalable Sitecore environment*.


  • Use the sliders to examine what you may need for typical vs. peak traffic volumes.
  • Set sliders to account for publishing during both low and high traffic periods.
  • The guidelines for servers below should be your preliminary server specifications. You must implement, optimize and then test your individual solution before you can finalize your hardware requirements. Properly optimized code and pages may allow you to trim specs.
  • For odd numbers on specs – adjust the suggestion up or down to even numbers as desired.
  • Prior to launch - load test on production-class hardware, including database servers and network capacity.

*You understand and agree that calculations are for estimation purposes only and this site and its owners cannot be held liable or guarantee the results.

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